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About Us

Volton Bicycles was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2011.

Our vision is to establish our electric bicycles as a simple and affordable alternative method of transportation. Whether you are a daily commuter, a student, a delivery person, rehabilitating an injury or are just looking for a fun, new way to explore the great outdoors, we are passionate about developing and providing electric bicycles for you to use as a exhilarating alternative of mobility.

We formed Volton Bicycles after receiving very positive feedback on a power assisted electric bicycle developed for a family member who underwent heart surgery and wanted an alternative to rehabilitation confined to indoor stationary equipment. This bicycle provided a great opportunity for him to be mobile and exercise while enjoying the beautiful outdoor bike-ways on a fun new form of transportation. The positive gains this bike provided and the great response we received motivated us to further explore the many benefits electric bicycles can provide.


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