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Volton Bicycles works hard to develop and supply quality electric bicycles. Nevertheless, there are instances where the products need to be sent back whether for refunds, exchanges or warranty. Volton Bicycles and will cover items that fail when used within normal, properly maintained operating fashion. We develop our bicycles with a variety of manufactured components and we manage all warranty claims.

Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, alterations, modifications, misuse or neglect. All warranty claims are subject to terms and conditions. Download Warranty PDF

Frame – 1 year

Neglected or improperly maintained components are not covered by the terms of the warranty

Hub Motors – 1 year

Water damage, overheated motors and failure due to external damage (axle spin-out, severed/frayed wires, etc.) are not covered by the terms of the warranty

Battery, Charger and Controller – 1 year

Water damage and misuse, including batteries that have been left to self-discharge for an extended period of time, are not covered by the terms of the warranty.